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In response to Pope Benedict XVI’s ‘Year for Priests’, and on the Memoria of St Paul of the Cross* (19th October 2010), Priests of various southern dioceses, with the good wishes and encouragement of others from elsewhere in Britain, voted unanimously to found the British Province of the Confraternity of Catholic Clergy for the sanctification and support of Priests, and in promotion of authentic Priestly life, holiness and mission by

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* St Paul of the Cross prayed for the conversion of England and founded the Passionists, whose Blessed Dominic Barbari greatly influenced Blessed John Henry Newman, and Received him into the Church. The British Province of the Confraternity was founded in direct response to Pope Benedict’s ‘Year for Priests’, his State Visit to Britain, and his Beatification of Blessed John Henry Newman.

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MARRIAGE: God’s Design for Life and Love

As reported in the Catholic Herald:
In collaboration with with St Anthony Communications, which specialises in catechetical video presentations, the Confraternity is sending a DVD defending traditional marriage to every priest in Britain and Ireland.

“Marriage: God’s Design for Life and Love” is designed as one resource for three purposes: (1) to be used as part of Marriage Preparation Programmes, (2) as a catechetical resource in a variety of settings (eg. RCIA, Confirmation, Secondary Schools, etc), and (3) as a media tool in the New Evangelization, presenting Catholic teaching in an accessible form for home, school, parish, and wider viewing.
This DVD is a fruit of the reflection called for by the Holy Father, Pope Francis, on how we can better foster and support the gifts of marriage and the family, and will create a good basis for discussions on issues facing the Church at this time when the institution of marriage and the family is under great strain and attack.
We are convinced that this moment in our history calls us to a more open, bold and zealous proclamation of the timeless truths of Catholic teaching on issues concerning the family and human sexuality. Society is in great danger without a clear but charitable presentation of this Christian vision.
We hope this DVD, produced with the help of Cardinals, Bishops, Priests and a great number of lay faithful (especially married couples and families) will be a profound witness to the Good News about life and love, and pray that it will be of service to clergy, and lay faithful alike.
The mailing, to all Priests and Parishes in Britain and Ireland, has been made possible by a large number of very kind donors. If you would like to assist this apostolic enterprise please send a cheque (payable to the ‘Confraternity of Catholic Clergy’) to: The Confraternity Assistant Bursar, St Joseph’s Presbytery, 1 Montem Road, New Malden, Surrey KT3 3QW. 
This DVD is also being distributed in other Provinces of the Confraternity - to 1,000 Priests in Australia, with a similar launch planned in America and elsewhere - so that it will reach many more people and places during the coming weeks.
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